Who We Are

At AutoHwy.com, our mission is to engage and satisfy our customers everyday, build lasting relationships and earn their long term loyalty.

Whether you visit Queenston on the Mountain, Queenston on Centennial or Image Honda, we offer New and Pre-owned Vehicles, Parts & Service Centres and Finance Departments who are ready to help you. If you are in need of a new automobile or parts / service for your current vehicle, AutoHwy.com is here to assist you with any of your automotive needs!

1 thought on “Who We Are

  1. SThey still font understand about cargo space its not how much there is but how useful it is. Maximum width and heighth and how large a piece of furniture can fit in it. Like many people today I love antiquing and garage sailing. If I can’t fit my purchase in, its useless space. Focus on cargo width and height at the entry point and deep inside the vehicle. Your coupe backs are for looks only, women want practicle useable cargo space and flexibility st a reasonable price without driving a van. If you bring back the civic hatch back forget the coupe styling and focus on the more height in the rear.

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