“Super Bowl” of Football or Advertising?

Some would say this Sunday is the biggest day of the year – Can you guess what I am referring to?  If you aren’t already aware, this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. Whether you are cheering for the Giants or the Pats in this much anticipated re-match, you can guarantee that you won’t simply be entertained by the game alone. With more then 100 million viewers expected to watch, this day is no longer just about the Football, but has also become a “Super Bowl” for advertising.  Each year, companies out do themselves with more expensive and more captivating ads and 2012 will be no exception, especially, when it comes to the automotive industry.  The automotive recession has passed and the auto industry is letting us know that they are BACK!  According to today’s Washington Post, a 30 second spot costs $3.5 million.  Stepping up their game this year are Chevrolet and Honda, who have created some of the most wildly anticipated ads.  Chevrolet releasing 7 ads (two pre-game 30 second ads, three 60 second in-game ads and another two 30 second post game ads) will specifically focus on the Camaro, Cruze, Silverado, Sonic and Volt.  Not to be out done, Chevy has ensured that their in-game ads will be aired without any advertisements from competing auto makers. 

Among the most anticipated advertisement from Chevy is their 60 second “Sonic Stunt Anthem” commercial, in which a Sonic is thrown out of an airplane, sent bungee jumping and goes kick flipping through the air.

Chevy also markets the Silverado with their “2012” commercial saying “when the post-apocalyptic dust settles, you’ll be glad your truck is a Chevy.”  Their other commercials include the Camaro “Happy Grad”, the Volt’s “Aliens”, Chevy Sonic “Joy”, the Volt “Morning in Hamtramck” and “Projections:”  To view all of these commercials please click on the names above.

More modest in their number of advertisements, Honda is not to be out done this year with their commercial for the updated 2012 CR-V.  This hysterically entertaining 60 second commercial featuring Matthew Broderick, pokes fun at Ferris Bueller some 20 years later as he drives around town in his new CR-V.

If you are looking forward to watching all of these commercials come game day, you are not alone.  In fact, we want to know what your favourite Chevrolet commercial is!  Are you a huge fan of Ferris Bueller? What did you think of Honda’s spin on this classic movie?  Share your opinions with us on our AutoHwy.com Facebook page or let us know who you are cheering for this Super Bowl XLVI and remember – For every new “Like” we receive on our page, we will donate $2 to Hamilton Public Library Literacy Programs.

Go Giants…or Pats!

Amy Cochren





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