Last night was a rough night for Sophia – she hates driving in the snow! Every time we came to a stop she would skid to a halt, but that’s because she hasn’t gotten her snow boots, I mean snow tires put on yet.  We’re planning to get that done ASAP.   In case you are wondering who Sophia is, that would be my car.  YES, I named my car…well actually, my girlfriend named my car when I bought her in September.  For as long as I have known my friend, we have been calling her car “Heidi the Hyundai”.  So naturally, when my other friend purchased her Rogue only a couple weeks before me, she was called “Rosie the Rogue”, followed by my beloved “Sophia the Sonic”.


Now, you’re probably doing one of two things – either you’re laughing at the fact I have named my car or you’re relating to me because you, too, have named your vehicle.  Here at the dealership, everyone knows who Sophia is.  I frequently get asked, “How is Sophia?”  In fact, my boss even texted me a couple weeks ago after a major storm, to ask if “Sophia made it safely to work”, sparking some laughs amongst my co-workers who drive SUVs!

Your car is a big investment – you spend hours in it every week, typically have it for many years and you invest a lot of money maintaining it.  Your car is even there for some of the biggest moments in your life!  Maybe it got you to the hospital for the birth of your child or took you on the best road trip of your life.  Whatever the reason may be, naming your car is not uncommon.  In fact, I know just as many people who name their car as those that don’t.  So for all of you people who are ashamed to admit that you have named your car, I say embrace it!  At the end of the day, it always sparks some laughs and you will be surprised how many people will call your car by its name!

If you would like to show your car some love, visit our service departments at www.queenstonchev.com or www.imagehonda.com

By: Amy Cochren


  1. This sounds like fun. Could you name my car for me? Its a Vibe and currently she is nameless….but apparently as I’ve just realised, I do refer to my car as a “her”.

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