You may or may not be aware that Honda has made a switch to a full synthetic motor oil for all 2011 and newer models.  There are numerous benefits to synthetic oil, and it is important that you, as a Honda customer, know what they are. 

Engines operate at extreme temperatures and require substantial lubrication to operate at their maximum capacity.  Petroleum based motor oils are mineral based, which start to breakdown at high temperatures, shortening the engine life.  Synthetic oils do not break down, which allow for a cleaner running engine.  The thinner viscosity of Honda’s 0W-20 synthetic oil is another important feature.  Oil naturally thickens at lower temperatures and thins at higher, thus, the thinner the viscosity the better.  Since the properties of Honda’s synthetic engine oil are thin, it has a low viscosity, allowing the oil to flow faster and circulate more freely then petroleum based engine oils.  This makes synthetic oil essential to your vehicle’s peak performance, minimizing the wear on your engine’s internal components.  Honda synthetics simply offer better engine protection, performance, and better flow in cold starts then when using traditional motor oil. 

The key features to take away are:

  • Full synthetic formulation provides advanced protection against oil breakdown and a cleaner running engine.
  • Ultra-low viscosity  grade improves fuel economy and power, with reduced friction
  • Superior to conventional motor oils for high and low temperature engine wear and protection
  • Improves cold start protection, which is when most engine wear takes place

If you are interested in Honda’s 0W-20 Synthetic motor oil and are wondering about its compatibility with your vehicle’s engine, or you have any additional questions, please contact us at Image Honda 1-888-375-5914.

By: Amy Cochren

Credit: Honda Canada


  1. I have a 2011 Crosstour and the owners manual only states that you may use synthetic oil in your vehicle if you choose to but only requires 0W-20 which must display a certain seal on the container. No mention of a requirement to use a full synthetic.

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