Congratulations to the Canadian Olympic team!

As the 2012 London Olympics wind down this weekend, we look back on an Olympics filled with success, defeat, tears and joy. For Canada, this has been an Olympics marked by many great achievements. The Canadian women’s soccer team defeated France 1-0 in the bronze medal match this week – making it Canada’s first Olympic summer team sport medal since 1936. “This was our goal at the start of this”, said team Captain Christine Sinclair. “We all had the childhood dream of being Olympic medalists.” And they achieved it. Although many would argue that the women’s soccer team were cheated out of their rightful place in the gold medal game, which they lost to team USA, they still managed to find themselves on the podium.

Chevrolet has been a long-time supporter of the Canadian Olympic team.  As a national partner they have worked to fuel the Canadian Olympic passion and help the team excel. Chevrolet Canada put together a series of videos that asks the Canadian Olympic athletes the question, “What Drives You?”

Chevy Canada asks Christine Sinclair (Captain of the Canadian National Soccer team BRONZE MEDALISTS AT THE 2012 LONDON OLYMPICS) What drives you?

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