Disney Epcot and Chevrolet introduce Test Track revamped

You might not expect to see the Chevrolet name on a theme park ride but Test Track presented by Chevrolet has been revamped and has reopened at Disney Epcot. The ride takes you through the process of designing your own Chevrolet concept vehicle and then taking it out on the test track in a high speed test drive.

The ride is a futuristic, colourful, imaginative take on the test drive process. Not only is it visually stimulating, but the ride takes visitors on turbo launches of high intensity, hairpin turns and more. The test drive is designed to test the capability, efficiency, responsiveness and power of your concept vehicle. Guests are able to design their car by length, width, engine size, colour, wheels, custom graphics and designs, and the list goes on.

“Through an enduring partnership, Chevrolet and Disney continue to inspire generations to imagine the impossible and innovate,” said Chris Perry, vice president of Chevrolet Global Marketing. “The reimagined Test Track reflects the personality and values of Chevrolet design and offers guests a behind-the-scenes look at a discipline that drives our business. This first-of-its-kind automotive design attraction represents the best of Chevrolet design and Disney innovation.”

A wonderful collaboration between Disney’s team of Imagineers and the Chevrolet design team – the Test Track is a great way for everyone to become familiar with Chevrolet vehicles. Test Track has made the process of creating your own concept vehicle into a personalized and exciting experience for visitors and consumers – just another reason why Chevrolet continues to be one of the most innovative carmakers in the world.

Credit: Walt Disney World, Chevrolet

By Nerissa Mohamed

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