Honda Accord and Fit Receive Car and Driver Magazine’s 10 Best Car Award!

Honda does it again!  We are pleased to announce that the 2013 Honda Accord and 2013 Honda Fit have been honoured, yet again, with Car and Driver Magazine’s “10 Best Cars” Awards.    This prestigious and highly competitive award is not new to Honda.  The Accord has achieved Car and Driver’s “10 Best Cars” status a record 27 times in the 31 years this competition has been held.  Not to be outdone, the Honda Fit holds the title in each of the 7 years it has been for sale in North America!

So, how does Car and Driver conclude what qualifies as a “10 Best Car”? Each September, the editors of Car and Driver test all 2013 models under $80,000, as well as returning winners.  Over the course of a week, they test-drive these vehicles a combined distance of over 15,000 miles before reaching a decision.

If you are interested in test driving the 2013 Honda Accord, 2013 Honda Fit or any of our vehicles in the award winning line-up – please visit us at or call us at 1-888-375-5914
By: Amy Cochren

Car and Driver
Honda Canada

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