Winter Driving Made Easy

It is important to maintain a clear visual of the road while driving. Now that we are in the winter months, our windshield is susceptible to frost, ice, snow, rain and sleet, which can make it difficult and sometimes dangerous to drive. However, with a little maintenance and preparation, you can make your winter drive a little better.  At our dealerships, we offer a wide array of maintenance services that will prepare you for Old Man Winter. 

Wiper Blades:  There is nothing worse than getting to your car in the morning when you are late for work only to find your windshield frozen over.  Often times, people will run their blades over the frozen windshield in order to clear it. This severely reduces the life span of your wiper blade. Wiper blades frequently get neglected on most cars and yet, they are constantly used and exposed to harsh conditions.  We recommend that you change your blades at least once a year, preferably every 6 months. 

Stone Chip Repair: A stone will most likely chip your windshield at least once over the course of your ownership.  If untreated, it will continue to crack reducing your visibility and can be potentially dangerous. As the cold weather takes effect, you will find that the crack with get increasingly larger. At our dealerships, we offer a stone chip repair service – this quick and affordable service will save you money… and your windshield. 

Wax your lights:  You might be saying to yourself, “Wax my lights?”  Yes, visibility in the winter months can be minimal, so it is important that you are getting maximum light from head lamps.  Adding a little car wax to the lights and then wiping off and buffing with a towel will assist in preventing ice and snow from sticking.  The same practice can be applied to your taillights.

We hope you found these tips for winter driving helpful.  If you would like to schedule a service appointment at one of our dealerships, please visit us at or

By: Amy Cochren

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