Queenston on the Mountain State-of-the-art Car Wash Now Open – Complimentary With Every Service

We have some very exciting news to share at Queenston on the Mountain!  We are happy to announce that we have completed construction on our new state-of-the-art onsite car wash!  Now, every time you service your vehicle at Queenston on the mountain, you will receive a complimentary wash of your vehicle.

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Did you know we offer detailing?



Please call our appointment coordinators directly at 905-381-4286 or email us at [email protected] to schedule your detailing appointment.


No matter how many times we do it, driving in wintery conditions never gets easier or less frustrating. Driving in snow can be risky and you must always be prepared for the unexpected. When bad weather does strike, we recommend staying off the roads if possible. 

Did you know that snow and ice are more slippery at 0 C than at -20 C or below? It’s a common misconception that the colder the temperature the worse the roads – be aware this isn’t the case.  Even at 4 C there can be black ice on the roads. Always keep a safe distance between yourself and another vehicle as sudden braking can cause skidding.

Few things are more annoying than when you need to get somewhere and you find your car buried in snow.  Although it is tempting to quickly clear your windows and go, it can be dangerous for both you and those driving around you.  See and be seen – make sure that you properly remove all snow and ice from your hood, windows, lights, roof as well as the rear part of your vehicle.  It is also a good idea to take the brush and clear any snow or ice between your wheels and under your bumper.

Transport Canada has put together a highly informative booklet on Winter Driving Safety Tips.   This book is free and highly useful.  It can be viewed online or printed off to keep in your glove compartment.

Some tips in the booklet include:

  • Preventing problems before they occur
  • Getting your vehicle winter ready
  • How to prepare for driving in poor weather
  • Avoiding collisions

To view or download a copy please visit Transport Canada http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/roadsafety/safevehicles-safetyfeatures-winterdriving-index-693.htm

If you are interested in purchasing winter tires for your vehicle or would like to make sure your car is ready for winter, please visit us at www.imagehonda.com or www.queenstonchev.com

By: Amy Cochren

Credit: Transport Canada

Winter Driving Made Easy

It is important to maintain a clear visual of the road while driving. Now that we are in the winter months, our windshield is susceptible to frost, ice, snow, rain and sleet, which can make it difficult and sometimes dangerous to drive. However, with a little maintenance and preparation, you can make your winter drive a little better.  At our dealerships, we offer a wide array of maintenance services that will prepare you for Old Man Winter. 

Wiper Blades:  There is nothing worse than getting to your car in the morning when you are late for work only to find your windshield frozen over.  Often times, people will run their blades over the frozen windshield in order to clear it. This severely reduces the life span of your wiper blade. Wiper blades frequently get neglected on most cars and yet, they are constantly used and exposed to harsh conditions.  We recommend that you change your blades at least once a year, preferably every 6 months. 

Stone Chip Repair: A stone will most likely chip your windshield at least once over the course of your ownership.  If untreated, it will continue to crack reducing your visibility and can be potentially dangerous. As the cold weather takes effect, you will find that the crack with get increasingly larger. At our dealerships, we offer a stone chip repair service – this quick and affordable service will save you money… and your windshield. 

Wax your lights:  You might be saying to yourself, “Wax my lights?”  Yes, visibility in the winter months can be minimal, so it is important that you are getting maximum light from head lamps.  Adding a little car wax to the lights and then wiping off and buffing with a towel will assist in preventing ice and snow from sticking.  The same practice can be applied to your taillights.

We hope you found these tips for winter driving helpful.  If you would like to schedule a service appointment at one of our dealerships, please visit us at www.imagehonda.com or www.queenstonchev.com

By: Amy Cochren

Queenston on the Mountain’s Total Car Care Clinic

At the beginning of October, Queenston on the Mountain held a fun, informative evening in effort to help our customers get the most out of their vehicle.  This evening taught simple “how-to’s” on servicing and proper maintenance for their vehicle.  It was an excellent opportunity for new customers to meet our Service Staff, tour the dealership and service bays, and to have any of their questions answered.  If you are interested in attending or would like more information on upcoming Car Care Clinics at any of our 3 dealerships, please visit us at www.queenstonchev.com or www.imagehonda.com

By: Amy Cochren

Pet Accessories For Your Car

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll agree that it’s sometimes challenging to go places with our four-legged companions in tow.  Whether it’s a short trip to the vet or a long haul adventure to the cottage, our vehicle is the most common form of transportation for getting our pets to and from a select destination.  This is why it’s important to travel with the proper pet accessories that will protect you, your car and most importantly, your family friend.  

At one point or another, we have all moaned and groaned about drool, claw marks or the dirt left on the interior of our vehicle from our dog.  Fortunately, these problems can be solved easily and affordably with a simple trip to your local pet store. 


Seat covers are probably the most common pet travel accessory out there.  They are easy to use and will keep your interior clean by protecting your seats from, dirt, scratch marks and odors that are sometimes associated with pets.

This accessory is probably the most overlooked, yet it’s the most important!  Our dogs’ safety should always be a top priority when traveling in the car.  We would never leave a child without a seatbelt, so why should our dog be any different.  Seatbelts will ensure that your dog travels safely and comfortably.  A seatbelt or harness will prevent the risk of injury in those instances where you are forced to slam on your brakes and in more serious situations; it will prevent them from flying through the window.


Dog ramps are a great accessory for getting your pooch in and out of the vehicle safely.  They are especially great for dogs with arthritic or other health problems because it eliminates them having to jump in and out of your car.


Car hammocks essentially serve the same purpose as seat covers, but provide a little more comfort for your dog.  This accessory will prevent hair, dirt and liquids from getting on the interior of your vehicle.


The dog booster seat is the ultimate car accessory, providing the most comfortable of rides for your pampered dog.  Most booster seats come with a three-way harness, storage compartments and height adjustable straps.

By: Amy Cochren

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We’ve all heard of waxing your vehicle, but many people undervalue its importance.  How many times have you gone to have your car washed and been asked the question “Would you like to add the wax to your carwash today?” More often than not, we’re willing to bet your answer has been no.  Did you know that it is as important to wax your car as it is to regularly wash it?  A car wax does not need to be done as frequently as car wash; however, it should be performed at a minimum of twice a year.  This process will help seal your car from environmental contaminants and can command a higher resale value for your vehicle.  There are three main reasons why this should be done:

Water Protection:

When you wax your vehicle, you create a layer between the water and the paint.  If a proper wax has been completed, the water will form beads on the vehicle and slide down the sides.  When you do not have that element of protection, the water will cause damage to your vehicle’s paint finish, which over time, will lead to fading and ultimately diminish the paint’s lustre.

Sunlight Protection:

There are a couple ways that sunlight can cause damage to your paint, which is why it is important to wax.  Without the protection from the wax, when it rains or snows, beads of water form on the surface of your vehicle, which act as a magnifier for the sun.  Essentially, this will cause the paint to burn in certain areas creating a lightening and darkening effect on the paint. Without a proper wax, sunlight’s UV rays will also infiltrate and can bleach the paint.

Rust Protection:

Without wax, water can get under paint and cause corrosion.  Wax will also protect against rust caused by humidity.

By: Amy Cochren