Save The Drive-In Movie…

If you have never experienced a drive-in movie, then some may say you haven’t truly captured the movie experience.  I remember the first time I attended the Starlite drive-in here in Hamilton.  I must have been about 5 or 6 when my father took my brother and me.  I can still remember the excitement and the mystery of it all.  We packed our cooler, brought some blankets in case it got cool and got ready for the show to begin.  Not only was I being allowed to stay up late because we had to wait until it got dark, I got to see two movies instead of one. At least, I tried to see two movies, but my young eyes wouldn’t stay open for the second film.  The part that I love most about the drive-in and still love today is that I feel as if I am experiencing a little piece of history.  They still play the old preview commercials and the concession building looks to be straight out of the 1950’s.  It is one of the few instances where your parents can say to you, “This is what I did as a kid”, and you know that you are experiencing the exact same thing, exactly how it was back then.

That is why Honda Motor Co. began a campaign called “Project Drive-In” to raise money for Drive-in theatres around the United States.  Most drive-in theatres across the U.S. and in Canada will be forced to close down due to the end of 35mm film distribution.  The end of 35mm film as we know it is forcing drive-in theatres to make the switch to digital, which will cost roughly $75,000 U.S. per screen.

“It’s not often that a company gets the opportunity to help preserve an American pastime.  It has been an honor and a privilege to bring national and local attention to the fate of drive-ins and to meet the passionate owners of these small businesses, said Alicia Jones, manager of Honda & Acura social marketing at American Honda Motor Co., Inc.  “We hope that the #SaveTheDriveIn movement continues in the effort to help keep more drive-ins open for the next generation.”

There will be a total of 9 winning theatres across the U.S. who will receive a new projector.  People were encouraged to visit to vote for their local drive-in.  Click here to watch Honda’s video on the movement.

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Credit: Honda Motor Co.