The Transportation and Healthy Living Fair held at Gore Park on June 21, 2012 attracted hundreds of environmentally conscious commuters looking for ways to travel in a more “green” and environmentally friendly way. Located in the heart of downtown Hamilton, the fair was perfectly situated with many people enjoying the summer sun and those enjoying their lunch breaks.


Despite the sweltering heat and humidity, crowds gathered around in awe to admire the sleek design of the 2012 Chevrolet Volt – an extended range electric vehicle.  Betty Greiser, sales and leasing consultant at Queenston on the Mountain, was there to meet with and introduce the crowds to a “greener” way of travel.   The environmentally friendly commuters were also introduced to the new MOT “green plates” that allow drivers to travel in the HOV lane – making their commute not only “greener” but speedier as well.


Amongst participants and fellow eco-friendly enthusiasts, we are proud to say that the Chevrolet Volt stood out as the star of this event.  

By: Nerissa Mohamed