Spring and Summer Maintenance

As summer quickly approaches, we welcome warmer weather and longer nights.  As we enjoy the change in season, it is important to prepare your vehicle.  Just like in winter, there are many maintenance services that should be taken into consideration this spring and summer to ensure that your vehicle is operating at peak efficiency.

As we all know, winter and its harsh conditions have a major impact on Hamilton roads. These conditions can have serious implications on your vehicle, which is why it is important to complete the following:

1. Wiper blades:  Always make sure to change your wiper blades every 6 months.  If this is not completed, it can cause streaking, smearing and possibly scratch your windshield.  This simple precaution will prove to be helpful when driving in spring showers.

2. Tires:  If you have winter tires, change over to your all-season tires.   All three of our locations: Image Honda, Queenston on the Mountain and Queenston on Centennial provide winter tire storage – please contact our dealerships for details.  If you do not have winter tires, you may want to consider a tire rotation, a service that will allow for even wear.  Winter can be hard on our tires and rotation will help extend their life and allow for improved handling and braking.

3. Car wash: Give your car a good clean and make sure that all the salt is removed to prevent exterior rust.  It is also important to wash the underneath of your vehicle as hidden salt can lead to rust and corrosion.

4. Change your oil: Always make sure that your oil is changed every 8,000 km or less, depending on the year of your vehicle.  Remember – older vehicles tend to burn oil faster. For vehicles with an Oil Life Monitor or Maintenance Minder, your oil much be changed at least once every 12 months, regardless of the % on your monitoring system.

5. Check all your fluids: Fluids tend to deplete faster in the winter since the cold weather causes our engine to work harder.  Therefore, it is crucial to make sure that all of your fluids are topped up for the spring.

6. Check your brake system:  The winter months can be hard on your brakes.  Listen for excessive grinding, screeching or squealing.  Have a Brake Maintenance Service performed, which will remove salt and debris and lubricate all your brake components to extend the life of your brakes.

7. Alignment:  All the potholes and rifts in Hamilton’s pavement can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s alignment, which can cause premature wear to your tires and front-end components.  An alignment service will increase tire life, and improve steering control and safety.

To check out our Service Specials, please visit our websites below or feel free to contact us by phone at any time! Image Honda, Queenston on the Mountain, Queenston on Centennial By: Amy Cochren

Trailer and Towing Safety!

Whether it’s towing your boat to the cottage or beach, heading on a camping adventure or just everyday fun, your vehicle plays an important role in summer activities!  When partaking in such, it is not uncommon to use a trailer for towing.  However, as many of us can surely attest, people often tow things in an unsafe manner.  The picture below is a clear example of what NOT to do!

After witnessing the above, we felt it important to share some tips on towing and trailering to keep you and others safe on the road.  First and foremost, it is important that you know your vehicle’s towing capacity.  Exceeding this capacity can not only cause damage to your vehicle, but can seriously endanger others on the road.  Each vehicle has a different capacity, so keep in mind that what you are able to tow with one of your vehicles may not be the same on another.  If you are unsure, such information is provided in your owner’s manual.

If your current vehicle is not equipped with towing capabilities, be aware that most GM and Honda trucks, SUV’s and crossovers have the option for a factory-installed trailering package.  If you are interested in more information on such products or installation, please contact our one of our three dealerships: Queenston Chevrolet, Queenston on the Mountain or Image Honda.

Towing Safety Tips:

  • Ensure that your vehicle can withstand your trailers capacity.
  • Make sure you have thoroughly inspected your trailer tires, brakes and hitch and ensure they are in working order before hitting the road.
  • DON’T overload your trailer and always make sure that the weight is balanced out.
  • If you have loose items, make sure that they are securely fastened or covered to prevent them from moving.  Accessories such as cargo nets and other products are available for purchase from our parts departments.
  • Keep a safe distance when travelling behind other vehicles.  The additional weight of the trailer will make it harder to stop.
  • Always adjust your mirrors so you can see the traffic behind you.

Please keep these safety tips in mind for your benefit and others on the road.  If you have any questions concerning your vehicles towing capacity or are interested in installing a trailering package on your vehicle, please contact us at any of our three locations and we will be happy to assist you!

By: Amy Cochren

Image Honda

Queenston on the Mountain

Queenston Chevrolet on Centennial

New Athleticism for the 2016 Camaro?

There will be a leaner, more athletic design for the 2016 Camaro, which will be introduced on May 16, during a special public event in Detroit. There are several new additions to the design of the Camaro including an aluminum hood with a sculpted look that appears as though it is “form-fitted” around the mechanical components. The outcome? The hood looks as though it has been shrink-wrapped around the engine. The modifications make the Camaro look lower and wider when in reality; it’s smaller than its predecessor.


The anticipation is almost too much!  We can’t wait for its reveal…can you?





Credit: GM Canada