New Years Resolutions – For You and Your Car!

It’s a new year and a new start.  You’ve probably already made your own New Year’s resolutions, but what about when it comes to your car? This year, let’s resolve to take better care of our vehicle and be a more conscientious car owner.

I resolve to use rubber mats seasonally to protect my car

Rubber floor mats protect your interior from dirt, water, mud, and more.  At Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC and Image Honda, we sell mats that are custom fit to your vehicle.  These floor mats not only provide you with the satisfaction of having OEM quality protection, but you won’t have to worry about them slipping underneath your pedals, which can be a serious safety risk.

I resolve to invest in seasonal tires

Sliding, slipping, zero traction….the list goes on.  Winter tires are critical, especially with our Ontario winters.  Not only are they a good investment that give you added safety and peace of mind, but they save you wear and tear on your all-season tires.  Swapping them out twice a year gives you added life on your wheels!

I resolve to schedule regular maintenance appointments

Our certified technicians at Image Honda and Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC are trained to know your vehicle inside and out and are able to spot things that you might otherwise have missed.  Bringing your car in at least twice a year for regular checkups and preventative maintenance may cost you in the short term, but will save you in repair costs and increase your resale value.

I resolve to check for fluid leaks at least once a month.

This is always a good idea and one of the easiest things to check for.  We recommend taking a pizza box and placing it under your car for the night – in the morning, bring the box into the dealership and show us your art work.  We will be able to tell what is leaking based on the colour and where it dripped on the box.

I resolve to be a more fuel efficient driver

This year, don’t use the old excuse that your vehicle isn’t fuel efficient!  True, it may not be the best on gas, but there are always ways to improve your fuel efficiency.  Watching your speed, maintaining your vehicle, carpooling with people co-workers are all easy ways to save on fuel costs.

I resolve to kick my idling habit

There really is no reason to leave your car idling – it is bad for the environment, increases your gas consumption and will cost you extra money each year.

I resolve to wash and keep my car clean.

I make this resolution almost every time I clean out my car.  Not only will cleaning your car make it look better, but it will extend the life of your car, protect the paint and increase its resale value.

I resolve to be a more patient driver,

Most importantly, don’t rush!  Leave plenty of time if you need to be somewhere at a specific time.  If you are running late, evaluate the circumstance – will you really be that late if you don’t make the green light?

I resolve to learn new driving skills

No one is a perfect driver and there are certainly driving skills we can all work on.  Perhaps, you want to learn how to back into a spot or even parallel park.  Whatever it is, work on it – you’ll be glad you did.

I resolve to check my tire pressure and tread regularly

Watch our video: How to check your tire pressure

Watch our video: How to check your tire tread

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By: Amy Cochren


We’ve all heard of waxing your vehicle, but many people undervalue its importance.  How many times have you gone to have your car washed and been asked the question “Would you like to add the wax to your carwash today?” More often than not, we’re willing to bet your answer has been no.  Did you know that it is as important to wax your car as it is to regularly wash it?  A car wax does not need to be done as frequently as car wash; however, it should be performed at a minimum of twice a year.  This process will help seal your car from environmental contaminants and can command a higher resale value for your vehicle.  There are three main reasons why this should be done:

Water Protection:

When you wax your vehicle, you create a layer between the water and the paint.  If a proper wax has been completed, the water will form beads on the vehicle and slide down the sides.  When you do not have that element of protection, the water will cause damage to your vehicle’s paint finish, which over time, will lead to fading and ultimately diminish the paint’s lustre.

Sunlight Protection:

There are a couple ways that sunlight can cause damage to your paint, which is why it is important to wax.  Without the protection from the wax, when it rains or snows, beads of water form on the surface of your vehicle, which act as a magnifier for the sun.  Essentially, this will cause the paint to burn in certain areas creating a lightening and darkening effect on the paint. Without a proper wax, sunlight’s UV rays will also infiltrate and can bleach the paint.

Rust Protection:

Without wax, water can get under paint and cause corrosion.  Wax will also protect against rust caused by humidity.

By: Amy Cochren