4G LTE Coming to a GM Vehicle Near You

Imagine getting into your vehicle, and having your connectivity transformed to a whole new level. That is where General Motors in partnership with OnStar and AT&T, are hoping to go by bringing 4G LTE to future GM vehicles. The speedy mobile data speed will be available in select 2015 models in the U.S and Canada.4G LTE

“We’re making a global commitment to embed 4G LTE mobile broadband across all of our vehicles,” Mary Chan, president of GM’s Global Connected Consumer, said in an interview. “This is the largest commercial deployment of 4G LTE services in the auto industry.”

GM is aiming to offer embedded connectivity in their vehicles, so drivers will not have to rely only on their mobile phones for connectedness.

LTE (long term evolution) is a high speed wireless technology that is a step above 3G. LTE allows users to download, stream and upload music and videos about 10 times faster than 3G. Built-in 4G LTE connections will allow a wider range of in-vehicle communications and entertainment capabilities such as in-car video streaming entertainment, real time updates and faster application downloads.

This advancement will undoubtedly help the mobile world connect to the automotive world in a way that will revolutionize how consumers use the internet.

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By Nerissa Mohamed
Source: GM Canada

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