Queenston ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Presumably most of you have heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but a lot of you probably don’t know how or why it was started.  Pete Frates, a former baseball captain for Boston College was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 27.  Since his diagnosis in 2011, Pete has made it his goal to focus more attention on the disease, to make a difference and have his fight matter.  This unprecedented and viral fundraising effort all started when a group of Pete Frates friends invited him to take on the now infamous “Ice Bucket Challenge”.  When Pete posted his own video challenging others he knew to participate, it went viral.  Since then, everyone from leaders of state, celebrities, athletes, colleagues, neighbours and friends have taken this challenge to help raise money for a horrific and debilitating disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  Please see Pete’s Challenge below:

Through the use of social media networks, the Ice Bucket Challenge encourages friends to challenge each other to either brave a bucket of ice-filled water, and donate $10 to ALS research, or donate $100 to ALS research if they choose to forgo the icy water.

Today, one of our own accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Thus, we challenge you, our customers, colleagues and friends to participate and donate to the ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! http://www.ALS.CA/ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE



Please help us raise money for ALS!  Don’t forget to tag #IceBucketChallenge #ALSICEBUCKETCHALLENGE #StrikeOutAls

About ALS:

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a progressive neuromuscluar disease in which nerve cells die and leave voluntary muscles paralyzed.  Everyday 2 or 3 Canadians die from this disease.  For more information or to find out how you can donate, please visit http://www.als.ca

Video Credit: Tube test and ESPN
Credit: http://www.als.ca, http://www.alsa.org

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