Leave Your Worries Behind with Added Protection!

Buying a new car is always an exciting experience.  Nothing is more satisfying then driving a new vehicle.  As we know, those first few months we would do anything to keep it looking like new.  You wash it once a week; make sure people wipe their feet before they get in your vehicle.  You probably even park at the back of the lot so you don’t get anyone opening their door and scratching yours.  What if we told you, we could offer you additional protection to keep your car looking and feeling like new?

At our dealerships we offer a wide variety of additional protection for your car.

Paint Protection:

Just because your car is new, doesn’t mean that your paint is protected.  Over time your vehicle will experience fading, oxidation, pollution, tree sap, bird droppings, road salt and rain.  These factors are destructive to your paint finish.  Through Diamond Kote we offer you paint protections that will bond to the vehicle’s surface and protect it from the elements. In addition, our dealerships offer protection against paint bubbling.  With paint protection, you will never have to wax your vehicle again!

Fabric & Leather/Vinyl Protection:

No matter how much you love your vehicle, we all know that over time we will experience spills, stains, discoloration – perhaps even odor from having a pet.  You can protect your car from all of the above with the Diamond Kote Fabric & Leather/Vinyl Protection. Our dealerships also exclusively offer protection against, rips, tears or burns.

Rust Protection:

Fact – Rust shortens the life of your vehicle and reduces its re-sale value. The Diamond Kote rust protection penetrates to where the corrosion begins and even protects against surface rust. In addition to the great packages we offer, the products we use are safe for the environment.

If you are interested in purchasing some or all of our protection packages, please visit us at www.queenstonchev.com or www.imagehonda.com

By: Amy Cochren