2013 Honda Accord – HondaLink Continued

Yesterday, we blogged about HondaLink and all of the new features it brings to the 2013 Honda Accord. With so much information about this new technology, we at Image Honda wanted to expand a little further on this system.

 Upon delivery, our Delivery Coordinator will introduce you to your new Accord and explain all the ins and outs of your vehicle.  It is important to note, that before you begin experiencing HondaLink, you will need to download the HondaLink App from your smartphone app store. 

In order to register with HondaLink and Aha, you will need to launch the App on your smartphone.  Tap Register and follow the sign-up prompts:

  • Register for HondaLink
  • Register for Aha or connect to an existing Aha account
  • A welcome e-mail will be sent to you with confirmation verification

Once you have completed these steps, simply sit back and enjoy all the in-vehicle technology Honda has to offer! 

For more information on the 2013 Honda Accord or information on the HondaLink system – Please contact us at Image Honda 905-561-4100 or visit us on the web at  www.imagehonda.com

By: Amy Cochren

Credit: Honda Canada

HondaLink – Allowing You to Stay Connected!

You may or may not have heard that Honda has unveiled a new cloud based “in-vehicle connectivity” system called HondaLink.  Set to make its debut this fall, with the release of the all new re-designed 2013 Honda Accord, this system will give drivers access to all their favourite media in a more accessible way.

The HondaLink smart phone application will allow users to put away their mobile devices by pre-programming content on their phone, which is accessible through voice recognition, steering wheel controls and in-dash audio system controls.   This function will provide owners with a more personalized drive and give them a more unique driving experience.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of HondaLink is the “Aha” service, which will allow users to listen to their Facebook and Twitter in an audio newsfeed.  Aha also has access to location-based personalized restaurant listings from Yelp, as well as internet music services such as Slacker; a service that is free and instantly available!  Whether it is having a book read to you while you drive, or listening to the rest of the podcast you didn’t have time to finish before you left work, HondaLink will exceed your greatest expectations.

For more information on HondaLink, please see the video below.  If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle or would like more information on the 2013 Honda Accord please visit us at http://www.imagehonda.com/ or call us at 905-561-4100.

By Amy Cochren