2013 Honda Accord Preview

This video gives a brief introduction to the 2013 Honda Accord and is the first video in our Accord Series. If you are interested in the 2013 Honda Accord or any other vehicle in the award winning Honda line-up, please contact us at 1-888-375-5914 or visit us at http://www.imagehonda.com

2013 Honda Accord – HondaLink Continued

Yesterday, we blogged about HondaLink and all of the new features it brings to the 2013 Honda Accord. With so much information about this new technology, we at Image Honda wanted to expand a little further on this system.

 Upon delivery, our Delivery Coordinator will introduce you to your new Accord and explain all the ins and outs of your vehicle.  It is important to note, that before you begin experiencing HondaLink, you will need to download the HondaLink App from your smartphone app store. 

In order to register with HondaLink and Aha, you will need to launch the App on your smartphone.  Tap Register and follow the sign-up prompts:

  • Register for HondaLink
  • Register for Aha or connect to an existing Aha account
  • A welcome e-mail will be sent to you with confirmation verification

Once you have completed these steps, simply sit back and enjoy all the in-vehicle technology Honda has to offer! 

For more information on the 2013 Honda Accord or information on the HondaLink system – Please contact us at Image Honda 905-561-4100 or visit us on the web at  www.imagehonda.com

By: Amy Cochren

Credit: Honda Canada

2013 Honda Accord – All New Safety/Warning Systems

Honda Accord 2013

The all new Honda Accord 2013 features an array of technological advances for your safety, convenience and entertainment. Welcome to the best technology to be featured in a Honda – working to make your driving experience as safe as possible.

Safety/Warning Systems

Making your drive safer is the LaneWatch blind spot display – a Honda innovation that uses a camera located on the passenger-side mirror to provide you with a better view (two lanes of traffic) of your blind spot which is then displayed on your dashboard screen.  You’ll be able to check your most difficult blind spot without turning your head. This way you’re able to keep your eyes on the road and change lanes safely.

This is the first Honda vehicle to feature the Lane Departure Warning (LDW). The LDW system uses an onboard camera to monitor vehicle lane positioning and if you start to drift out of your lane without signalling, you’ll receive a visual and audio alert. The LDW attempts to keep you within the lanes and get you where you need to go without drifting into fellow drivers’ traffic.

The Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system, similar to the LDW, uses an onboard camera to decipher if the gap between you and the car ahead is closing too quickly. If you are approaching too quickly you will get an audio and visual alert to warn you to slow down. The FCW works to reduce the risk of a possible rear end collision and ensures you keep a safe distance from the car ahead.

With the front and side views covered, don’t forget your rear view camera. You’ll be able to reverse into those parking spots easier with the rear view camera and the available multi-angle rear view camera which features wide, normal and top-down angles.

With these warning systems in place, there’s no doubt that the 2013 Accord is potentially Honda’s safest vehicle to date. The technology featured in this vehicle is truly remarkable. In the coming blogs, we’ll look at the entertainment and convenience features the 2013 Accord has to offer.

For more information on the all new Honda Accord 2013 or if you would like to come in for a test drive please visit us at http://www.imagehonda.com/ or call us at 905-561-4100.

By: Nerissa Mohamed

Credit: Honda Canada www.honda.ca