AutoHwy Holiday Gift Guide

AutoHwy’s Holiday Gift Guide

 Heated Ice Scraper ($10-$20)

This is a practical and useful gift for anyone getting into a vehicle this season. For emergencies and for everyday use, a heated ice scraper gets the job done quicker than a regular ice scraper when you’re strapped for time.


Remote Key Finder ($10-$20) 

If you have a loved one who’s constantly misplacing their keys, this is the perfect gift for them.  This is an affordable gift that will come in handy.  

key finder

Chevy Bowtie Utility Bag – ($30-$40)

These stylish Chevrolet utility bags are a great gift for the man or woman in your life who also happens to be a car enthusiast. Get a bag in the shape of the signature Chevy bowtie in whichever colour you like. There are a wide range of colour options for this gift idea.

chevy bowtie

Plasmaglow™ – Neon GloStix – ($20-$30)

Neon Glostix tubes by plasmaglow are an affordable way to highlight a vehicle wherever you want it highlighted – under the dash, in the trunk, etc.  The sticks provide a neon glow of the colour of your choice. A very funky gift idea.


Fanmats™ – Carpet or Vinyl Car Mats ($45-$100)

These car mats are made for sports fans. You can have your loved ones’ favourite team’s logo on either a vinyl or carpet car mat for their car. Fanmats™ offers all sorts of floor mats and rugs that span across NFL teams, MLB teams, NBA , NHL, and military mats. A great gift for a sports fan.

fan mats

15 Piece Car Wash Kit ($30-$40)

Everyone likes their vehicle looking clean and attractive. This car wash kit provides everything you need for a thorough car wash in an organized kit with the Honda logo imprinted on it. The kit includes a car wash brush, spray gun, glass cleaning brush, tire brush, cotton cleaning brush, windshield cleaner, sponges, gloves and hose adaptors.

honda kit

Remote Car Starter ($120 – $400)

When the winter sneaks up on us we all wish we had a remote car starter to warm up the car long before getting in. This would be a great gift for loved ones who are always waking up extra early just to get the car defrosted and warm. It’s a little bit pricey but definitely a useful gift for any starter






2013 Honda Civic Reveal

Yesterday, Honda Canada revealed the first look at the 2013 Honda Civic Sedan.  Not expected to make its debut until the 29th of November at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the 2013 Civic has a much more sculpted front end, with an open mouthed lower bumper and honeycomb mesh grille.  The new styling also presents a new rear bumper design and new rear trunk lid, which is capped with a chrome trim piece.

Dave Jamieson, assistant vice president for Honda Canada Inc. was quoted as saying “We believe that combining a host of exterior refinements with additional feature content and infusing the 2013 Honda Civic with a more youthful and premium style, we have made the best-selling passenger vehicle in Canada that much better.”

The full features of the 2013 Honda Civic won’t be revealed until November 29th at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but from what we can see, with its new styling and content additions, the 2013 Civic is both youthful and fun to drive!

If you are interested in purchasing the 2013 Honda Civic, it will be going on sale, mid-December at Image Honda.  Please feel free to visit us at or call us at 1-888-375-5914.

By: Amy Cochren

Credit: Honda Canada Inc.

Image Honda – Accord Series Part 2: HondaLink & Aha

Watch part 2 of our 2013 Accord Series presentation, as we take an introductory look at the HondaLink and Aha system. Stay tuned for part 3 of our series, when we take a look at Honda`s Earth Dream Technology.

If you have any additional questions or would like more information on the 2013 Honda Accord, please visit us at or contact us at 1-888-375-5914.

2013 Honda Accord – Honda Link

You may or may not have heard that Honda has unveiled a new cloud based “in-vehicle connectivity” system called HondaLink.  Set to make its debut this fall, with the release of the all new re-designed 2013 Honda Accord, this system will give drivers access to all their favourite media in a more accessible way.

The HondaLink smart phone application will allow users to put away their mobile devices by pre-program content on their phone, which is accessible through voice recognition, steering wheel controls and in-dash audio system controls.   This function will provide owners with a more personalized drive and give them a more unique driving experience.

Perhaps, the most exciting feature of HondaLink is the “Aha” service, which will allow users to listen to their Facebook and Twitter in an audio newsfeeds.  Aha, also has access to location-based personalized restaurant listings from yelp, as well as internet music services such as Slacker; a service that is free and instantly available!  Whether it is having a book read to you while you drive, or listening to the rest of the podcast you didn’t have time to finish before you left work, HondaLink will exceed your greatest expectations.

For more information on HondaLink, please see the video below.  If you are interested in purchasing or a vehicle or would like more information on the 2013 Honda Accord please visit us at or call us at 905-561-4100.

By: Amy Cochren

2013 Honda Accord – Powertrains

There is so much to welcome with the all-new 2013 Honda Accord, it can be overwhelming.  Over the course of the next week or so, we at Image Honda are going to break it down to provide a better understanding for you.

For many, what still remains the most important aspect of a new vehicle is how it performs.  Bearing this in mind, the new Accord offers you your choice of two all-new powertrains. The first is the more powerful, with a 3.5-litre, 24 valve, SOHC i-VTEC V6 engine with 278 hp.  The other is a 2.4-litre, 16 valve, direct injection DOHC i-VTEC 4-Cylnder engine with an available 189hp.

What really makes these powertrains outstanding is that both feature the first North American application of the “Earth Dreams Technology” making the Accord the most fuel efficient Accord yet!    The available transmissions allow for enhanced acceleration, contributing to its high performance and making it fun to drive.

Make sure you visit us at Image Honda and take a test drive in the all-new Honda Accord or visit us at

By: Amy Cochren

Credit: Honda Canada

2013 Honda Accord – All New Safety/Warning Systems

Honda Accord 2013

The all new Honda Accord 2013 features an array of technological advances for your safety, convenience and entertainment. Welcome to the best technology to be featured in a Honda – working to make your driving experience as safe as possible.

Safety/Warning Systems

Making your drive safer is the LaneWatch blind spot display – a Honda innovation that uses a camera located on the passenger-side mirror to provide you with a better view (two lanes of traffic) of your blind spot which is then displayed on your dashboard screen.  You’ll be able to check your most difficult blind spot without turning your head. This way you’re able to keep your eyes on the road and change lanes safely.

This is the first Honda vehicle to feature the Lane Departure Warning (LDW). The LDW system uses an onboard camera to monitor vehicle lane positioning and if you start to drift out of your lane without signalling, you’ll receive a visual and audio alert. The LDW attempts to keep you within the lanes and get you where you need to go without drifting into fellow drivers’ traffic.

The Forward Collision Warning (FCW) system, similar to the LDW, uses an onboard camera to decipher if the gap between you and the car ahead is closing too quickly. If you are approaching too quickly you will get an audio and visual alert to warn you to slow down. The FCW works to reduce the risk of a possible rear end collision and ensures you keep a safe distance from the car ahead.

With the front and side views covered, don’t forget your rear view camera. You’ll be able to reverse into those parking spots easier with the rear view camera and the available multi-angle rear view camera which features wide, normal and top-down angles.

With these warning systems in place, there’s no doubt that the 2013 Accord is potentially Honda’s safest vehicle to date. The technology featured in this vehicle is truly remarkable. In the coming blogs, we’ll look at the entertainment and convenience features the 2013 Accord has to offer.

For more information on the all new Honda Accord 2013 or if you would like to come in for a test drive please visit us at or call us at 905-561-4100.

By: Nerissa Mohamed

Credit: Honda Canada

Image Honda – 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour EX-L Walk Around

Take a look at this stunning 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour EX-L as we walk you through it’s many features!

If you are interested in this vehicle or would like information on any of our other vehicles, please contact Image Honda at 1-888-375-5914.