Pet Accessories For Your Car

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll agree that it’s sometimes challenging to go places with our four-legged companions in tow.  Whether it’s a short trip to the vet or a long haul adventure to the cottage, our vehicle is the most common form of transportation for getting our pets to and from a select destination.  This is why it’s important to travel with the proper pet accessories that will protect you, your car and most importantly, your family friend.  

At one point or another, we have all moaned and groaned about drool, claw marks or the dirt left on the interior of our vehicle from our dog.  Fortunately, these problems can be solved easily and affordably with a simple trip to your local pet store. 


Seat covers are probably the most common pet travel accessory out there.  They are easy to use and will keep your interior clean by protecting your seats from, dirt, scratch marks and odors that are sometimes associated with pets.

This accessory is probably the most overlooked, yet it’s the most important!  Our dogs’ safety should always be a top priority when traveling in the car.  We would never leave a child without a seatbelt, so why should our dog be any different.  Seatbelts will ensure that your dog travels safely and comfortably.  A seatbelt or harness will prevent the risk of injury in those instances where you are forced to slam on your brakes and in more serious situations; it will prevent them from flying through the window.


Dog ramps are a great accessory for getting your pooch in and out of the vehicle safely.  They are especially great for dogs with arthritic or other health problems because it eliminates them having to jump in and out of your car.


Car hammocks essentially serve the same purpose as seat covers, but provide a little more comfort for your dog.  This accessory will prevent hair, dirt and liquids from getting on the interior of your vehicle.


The dog booster seat is the ultimate car accessory, providing the most comfortable of rides for your pampered dog.  Most booster seats come with a three-way harness, storage compartments and height adjustable straps.

By: Amy Cochren

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Child Car Seat Safety

When it comes to our children and their safety, one can never take enough precaution and children’s car seats are no exception.  Which is the best car seat? How do you properly install it?  Does one model over another make a difference?  We are flooded with these questions and we want to make the right choice.  Did you know that the number one cause of death for Canadian children is car crashes? As parents, you can make your drive safer with some simple precautions.  The City of Hamilton actually offers Car Seat Clinics as well as Car Seat education sessions.  They also offer inspections and installations by appointment.  For available dates, times and locations, please visit their website.

If you already have a car seat, please check that it has been properly installed and always make sure that your child is securely fastened with a seat belt. In Ontario, you are required by law to ensure that any passenger under the age of 16 years old be properly secured in the vehicle while driving either by seat belt or a car seat.  There are three different types of car seats:

Rear-Facing Car Seat – This car seat is used for infants who weigh 5-35 lbs. and is 19”-32” in height.

Forward-Facing Car Seat – This car seat is used for children over the age of one who weighs 22-50 lbs. and is 29”-45” in height.

Booster Seat – Booster seats are used for children who weigh 40-100 lbs. and are 38”-57” in height.

For more information on choosing the right car seat for your child please visit the Ministry of Transportation Safe & Secure page.

By: Amy Cochren

 Credit: Ministry of Transportation Ontario

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